Christy Dugan, assistant director of nursing at a sister facility, with her Jedi mannequin

In January 2018, Mi Casa Nursing Center in Mesa, Arizona, held a skills fair with a unique twist.


The fair took on a Star Wars theme, “Jedi Training Academy: The Force Awakens Through Education.”


Associates at the building came up with Star Wars signs for the nine different educational tables for topics such as infection control, resident rights and HIPAA. Clinical and non-clinical associates from all shifts received a card with the names of the stations to visit and went to each table to brush up on their skills. After completion of a competency, they received a sticker on that portion of the card. At the end, associates turned in their cards for a prize drawing.


The assistant director of nursing from Payson Care Center also pitched in and let the team borrow Payson’s mannequin, decked out with a lightsaber.


“The feedback was positive, with staff saying they enjoyed the different department managers participating in providing the education, which made it fun,” said Lora Pedrosa, director of nursing. “Associates loved the theme, and most said they’d expect nothing less as I am always calling our associates Jedi Knights and ninja nurses. I want to give special thanks to our interdisciplinary team members who helped with the fair – it wouldn’t have happened without them.”


At the end of the training, each associate received a Jedi Knight certificate.

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