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Mi Casa Nursing Center celebrates National Nursing Assistant Week

Left to right: Miranda Williams, assistant director of nursing; Tamara Pyles, director of nursing; and Krisha Shufran, social services director, washing one of the cars

From June 14-21, Mi Casa Nursing Center in Mesa, Arizona, celebrated National Nursing Assistant Week.

“We wanted to recognize the backbone of our facility, the CNAs,” said Lora Pedrosa, director of nursing...

Mi Casa Nursing Center hosts Star Wars-themed skills fair

Christy Dugan, assistant director of nursing at a sister facility, with her Jedi mannequin

In January 2018, Mi Casa Nursing Center in Mesa, Arizona, held a skills fair with a unique twist.

The fair took on a Star Wars theme, “Jedi Training Academy: The Force Awakens Through Education.”

Associates at the building came up with Star Wars signs for the nine different educational tables...